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Jane Halloran Ryan is an American living in Ireland for the last twenty years. She has been doing her own family research for thirty years starting which began back when she was growing up in Connecticut and continuing it after she came to Ireland. Her own family research has taken her back to one of her paternal family homes in East County Clare where she now resides with her own family.... (Read More )

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Fees And Rsearch

The basic fee is E40.00 per hour. This normally will include 2-4 hours of research using available subscription sites and other data (including but not limited to online resources). If information is not readily available after the initial search, the client will be contacted to either produce further information to continue to search, or alternatively ...

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Other services offered

Other Services

Record Retrieval – this covers certificates of births, marriages and deaths post-1864.

Irish Passport and Citizenship Applications – it is possible to become a citizen in Ireland. Further details available upon request. Brick Wall Consultations – Jane can take a fresh look at a dead end or brick wall and give further ideas and advice

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Query Form

We have included a query form for those interested in starting their research. It is important that this form is filled out to the best of the client's ability, including even minor details, which can make a big difference. This information will be vital in doing our research and even the smallest bit of info can go a long way towards success in our research


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An investigation of your family roots can retrieve many great treasures but most importantly it may re-connect you with your ancestral place (s) of origin in the world

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