Other Services

Extra genealogy research services offered

Extras include

  • In addition, other services offered include the following:
  • -Record Retrieval

    – this covers certificates of births, marriages and deaths post-1864.

  • -Irish Passport and Citizenship

  • (– it is possible to become a citizen in Ireland. Further details available upon request.)

  • -Brick Wall Consultations

  • – Jane can take a fresh look at a “dead end” or “brick wall” and give further ideas and advice as to how to work through or break down these barriers.

  • -Talks and Workshops

  • – Jane has spoken to various groups in with regard to Genealogy and with regard to Planning an Event or even to Legal Resources available for Genealogical Research and in particular Genealogical Research in County Clare.

    Recent Presentations and Awards Include:

  • Topics Have Included:

  • -Genealogy Tours

  • – For those who are interested in re-tracing their ancestor’s footsteps and exploring their ancestral home area, I can provide arrangements to include not only visits to the ancestral parish but also the local graveyards, schools and parish churches. Further details available upon request.